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Nagpur, located in central India, is renowned for its rich history, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality. With over 3000 years of history, Nagpur offers more than just oranges and hot-cold weather. It boasts of ancient temples and monuments, bustling markets, and local cuisine. Its central location as a hub for transportation and commerce adds to its significance, as does its status as the second capital of Maharashtra. Come explore this incredible city and experience its wonders for yourself.

We aim to showcase the city’s lesser-known attractions and experiences, from its ancient temples and monuments to its bustling markets and local cuisine, in order to attract visitors from all over the world. Our ultimate aim is to enhance the reputation of Nagpur as a cultural hotspot and promote sustainable tourism practices that benefit both visitors and the local community.


About the city

This is the final logo for the Nagpur city identity. It represents the city’s authenticity while providing a modern feel to the symbol. The logo is versatile and timeless, making it suitable for use in any context, and it effectively captures the city's personality. The logo is a combination of the Gondi script ‘N’ and Devanagari ‘N’


Colour Palette


These icons are an essential component of the city’s visual identity, as they add a personal touch and make the city more memorable and recognizable to locals and visitors alike. With these icons, Nagpur can create a more cohesive and compelling image that highlights its unique character and cultural heritage.

A dynamic identity can be seen as an evolving and flexible visual representation of the city’s character, reflecting its diverse attributes and allowing for changes and adaptations over time. It can help to create a unified image of the city, connecting its past, present, and future, and providing a framework for consistent communication across various media channels.

Nagpur, being a city with a rich history, cultural heritage, and natural beauty, has immense potential for branding itself as a modern and vibrant city. By using a dynamic identity, Nagpur can showcase its unique characteristics and appeal to a broad range of audiences, including tourists, investors, businesses, and residents.


What is Dynamic Identity?

This is the final colour palette for the
identity. The color palette for Nagpur city
identity includes warm and cool colors that
reflect the different aspects of the city.

Building a Dynamic Identity for Nagpur...

Nagpur is more than just oranges and is the second capital of Maharashtra. It has a rich history, diverse culture, and delicious food. To promote Nagpur holistically, I need to focus on every aspect of the city and create a dynamic identity that reflects its versatility.

The idea is to showcase Nagpur as a city that offers a unique experience to its visitors. By creating a flexible and versatile identity, Nagpur can shine as a destination that has something for everyone.






Why Dynamic Identity?

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