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Saptachakra is a premium brand that aids in uplifting moods and cultivating mental balance and peace. Our naturally scented, handcrafted incense draws inspiration from the seven chakras of the human body. With a focus on bringing optimism and vibrant energy, our products cater to middle and upper-middle-class families, as well as to dedicated meditators.


The packaging features seven distinct colors, each associated with a specific chakra and its corresponding emotion and significance. These colors not only represent the essence of each chakra but also reflect the emotions and importance tied to them. The illustrations adopt a simple yet realistic style, effectively conveying the fragrance of the scent visually.

Colours and Illustration

Saptachakra is a premium incense sticks brand that provides users with 7 different scents. Each scent is associated with the “seven chakras” of the human body. The purpose of the brand is to bring stability, peace to mind and body.

Brand Concept and Logo

The concentric square inside a circle represents the connection between human and divine. It is also, a symbol of Life. The lotus petal around the circle is a symbol of purity of body and mind.

Saptachakra means "seven wheel" in a human body which helps to keep body activated

The packaging for Saptachakra is uniquely designed in a trapezium shape, maximizing shelf space while maintaining stability. This innovative design enhances visibility and accessibility, optimizing the retail experience for both retailers and consumers.


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