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Chitrasaar is a 3-day retro film festival in Mumbai organized by Whistling Woods International School. Each year, it picks a theme; 2023 is all about parallel cinema. The festival wants to show old movies to young people, helping them connect with the film world. It's a friendly event where everyone can talk and share their talents. Chitrasaar's goal is to bring film fans together to enjoy watching movies and talk about the classics.


Conceptualizing the film festival

Movies are a major source of entertainment, shaping perspectives and behaviors. The film industry is always changing, and lately, it's been mixing old-fashioned movies into today's Bollywood to get more viewers interested. But this mixing might make old movies lose their special feel. To keep that feeling alive for audiences and give them a real retro experience, it's important to hold onto what makes those old movies unique. I conducted a survey focusing on parallel cinema to gather insights into people's views and perspectives on retro films.

After conducting the survey and engaging with several individuals, I found that while the majority watch Bollywood movies, many are intrigued by the idea of exploring retro and parallel cinema.

The logo design is influenced by the iconic shape of a film camera, incorporating elements of its form and structure. It creatively applies the gestalt principle of figure and ground, where the word 'Chitrasaar' emerges as an integral part of the design, seamlessly blending with the visual representation of the camera.

Crafting the visual identity for the festival

Designing logo 

Chitrasaar's brand colors are inspired by old movie posters, giving it a retro feel. I have chosen yellow, red, and blue because these colors are classic for cinema. By incorporating these colors, Chitrasaar aims to evoke nostalgia and capture the essence of retro cinema for its audience. 

The mix of fonts reflects the retro style of Chitrasaar. The slab serif font gives a classic, solid look like old movie posters, while the sans serif font adds a modern feel with simplicity and clarity.

Color Palette & Typography

To create the visual style for the identity, I took inspiration from elements commonly associated with filmmaking: clapperboards, film reels, and projection light rays. These symbols are closely linked to retro films, helping us stand out from others.

Visual elements

The slab serif font gives a classic, solid look like old movie posters, while the sans serif font adds a modern feel with simplicity and clarity.

Used bright as well as retro colour to give both modern and retro look to grab more attention.

The choice of visual elements aligns with the imagery used in our applications.

Every post was carefully crafted to promote online events, share knowledge, merchandise, and more. The unique visual style in each post not only makes the brand instantly recognizable.

Social Media

Virtual Experience

A tint was added over the imagery to evoke a retro feel.

I've developed a virtual film festival experience that's reaching audiences worldwide on multiple platforms. This platform hosts screenings, workshops, and interactive sessions, ensuring attendees stay updated on all upcoming events.

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