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The Love for Spice

This book is a recipe book about an unheard, mouth-watery cuisine 
from the rural Maharashtra state, of Nagpur. The cuisine is traditionally prepared and preserved by a community named Halba-Koshi. In this book, you’ll get to know some information about the tribe, and the folks of this community also with some delicious food recipes passed on from centuries to centuries.

For all the foodies and food enthusiasts out there who always wanted 
to explore more delicacies, here is the one for you! Sharing with you the recipes of local cuisine with love and affection from the experienced hands of folks in this community.

About the recipe book

The colours used in the book are inspired by the Indian spices used in our kitchens. I wanted to keep the colour scheme of the book of warm colours because this cuisine is known for its spicy dishes. 


Colour Palette

These are the primary and secondary typefaces used throughout the book



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