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Spruha Vani is a teacher who wants to order pizza in bulk for an occasion but wants her order to be delivered properly at her location and doesn’t want to waste time, eagerness, and hunger in searching for a menu. Also, want to provide a token of love or appreciation for a large order.


Problem Statement 1

Name: Spruha Vani 

Age: 27

Home town: Kalyan

Occupation: Primary school teacher

  • To get the order on time 

  • Pizza should be of good quality and packaging 

  • She wants to order pizza in bulk quantity for an occasion

  • Problem with finding the delivery guy 

  • Discounts and promo codes are not provided for COD (cash on delivery)  payment 

  • A problem in detecting exact locations


  • She is a primary school teacher with a moderate income

  • She is a foodie

  • She is a fun, loving, and enthusiatic person in her friend circle

  • She is very concerned about hygiene


Persona 1


Occupation: Student

Home town: Thane

Age: 20

Name: Daksh Agarwal

This is not attached to the official website. This case study is purely for academic purposes.

To enhance the experience of customers (for delivery, dine-in, or takeaway) using the Smokin' Joe's app, making it easier for them to navigate through the app with user-friendly features.

The Goal

Smokin’ Joe’s is an Indian chain of pizzerias headquartered in Mumbai, India. In the year 1993 by young Parsi entrepreneurs. They initially realized the potential need for home delivery of pizzas that would serve a wide range of varieties of toppings in both- vegetarian and non-vegetarian and a combination that surely appeals to the young audience.

About Smokin' Joe's

Age group: 16-35 years

Location: Tier 1, Tier 2 cities of India

Income groups: Upper middle class

Genders: All

Target Audience

User Experience

Primary stakeholders: stockholders, investors, owners, creditors, suppliers

Secondary stakeholders: Everyone else that keeps the business in operation from their employees, the community, and the government.

Stakeholder Mapping

I analyzed the SWOT of my brand and created a SWOT analysis.

SWOT Analysis

Persona Mapping

Persona 2
  • He's a second-year college student

  • He loves watching movies and series

  • Conscious of his spending, as he receives pocket money from his parents

  •  He is selective about his food orders and enjoys trying different dishes.


  • To ensure timely delivery of the order, 

  • I should be able to customize my own combos and orders.

  • The service should suggest pizza choices based on my preferences and budget.


  • The service lacks the option for customizing combos and orders.

  • There is an issue with accurately detecting locations.

  • Difficulty in locating the delivery person.


Daksh, a second-year college student studying BMS, loves pizza for his downtime during series or movie sessions. He wants fresh, top-notch pizza that fits his budget and allows him to customize or choose combos. Timely delivery matters to him for a comfortable eating experience, but he often faces late delivery problems.

Problem Statement 2

Medium Article

User Interface

A visual style guide that helps to understand the components and elements used to design the interface.

UI Style guide

Login in Screens

Using an empathy map enabled me to gain deeper insights into my user, understanding their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors more thoroughly.

Empathy Mapping

Order Type Screen



Cart & Location

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