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Nagpur is a city with a rich historical and cultural heritage, and it is no wonder this place holds a special place in my heart. As it is my native place and the location of my family roots, many memories are linked to the city. I likely have a deep connection to the city that goes beyond just its physical location. However, the city has a lot to discover and remains unexplored. Through this project, I see an opportunity to re-brand the city and promote Nagpur, helping others appreciate its unique beauty and charm. By creating an identity for the city that truly captures its essence.


What others know about the city

To learn more about the city, I conducted a survey to know more from locals and people from Nagpur. From these survey, I learned a lot of interesting things about the city, like their experiences and some cool facts. This comprehensive approach enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of Nagpur and draw insightful conclusions.

Based on the survey and interviews of different people, It was easy to gain insights about their experiences and views on Nagpur. This helped to narrow down the information and focus on aspects that are important to highlight.

  • Showcasing rich history, temples, markets, and cuisine beyond oranges to attract diverse visitors.

  • Celebrate heritage, festivals, and cuisine for an authentic Nagpur experience.

  • The ultimate aim is to enhance the reputation of Nagpur as a cultural hotspot and promote tourism that benefits both visitors and the local community.

Defining goals for the brand

Creating a dynamic identity

To promote the city holistically, it's essential to highlight its multifaceted identity. By promoting its historical significance, cultural heritage, and cuisine, Nagpur can establish itself as a modern and vibrant destination. A dynamic identity allows Nagpur to showcase its unique features and appeal to a wide audience, including tourists, investors, businesses, and residents.

Carefully select the image, ensuring it prominently stands out while preserving its essence and form.

Incorporate an outline as a design element, ensuring it maintains the form's stroke, ideally between 2-4 points in thickness.

The gradients used are straightforward and complement the color palette of the brand. 

Ensure that the patterns and designs integrated into the form enhance its dynamic quality without disturbing its overall shape.

Crafting the visual identity

This is the final logo for the Nagpur city identity. It represents the city’s authenticity while providing a modern feel to the symbol. The logo is versatile and timeless, making it suitable for use in any context, and it effectively captures the city's personality. The logo is a combination of the Gondi script ‘N’ and Devanagari ‘N’


The chosen brand colors resonate with both visitors and locals, evoking a positive and welcoming atmosphere that mirrors the city's vibrant personality and high livability. Inspired by Nagpur's rich culture, diverse cuisine, and unique weather, these colors reflect various aspects of the city's identity.

Colour Palette

These icons are an essential component of the city’s visual identity, as they add a personal touch and make the city more memorable and recognizable to locals and visitors alike. With these icons, Nagpur can create a more cohesive and compelling image that highlights its unique character and cultural heritage. The blend of serif and sans serif typefaces captures both the modern and traditional essence of the city.


To keep our brand identity recognizable yet adaptable, we'll establish a consistent foundation that evolves over time. Using a fixed element as a constant variable, we'll reflect the city's growth and adaptability. This approach creates a flexible visual identity that can grow with the city, with the fixed logo or symbol representing different aspects.

Dynamic Identity: Container Method 

Crafting collaterals that capture the diverse and adaptable essence of the city in their design.

The logo serves as a versatile container or symbol, capable of accommodating any image related to the city.

The serif typeface is chosen to bring focus to the tagline, while the bold weight is applied to highlight important elements.

Incorporating imagery into the collaterals creates a feeling of connection and comfort, evoking a sense of homeliness.

The brochure is minimalistic yet informative, providing essential details for visitors, including contact information and QR codes that link to relevant resources. In addition, the newspaper advertisement is crafted to appeal to and attract visitors.

The travel book serves as a comprehensive guide to Nagpur city, offering essential information on accommodations, dining options, transportation, attractions, and more. Visitors can explore the city's culture and history while gaining a deeper understanding of Nagpur and making their trip easy and enjoyable. Tourists and locals alike can access brochures at various locations such as railway stations, airports, and hotels, as well as tourist information centers. 

Travel Guide

This minimalist yet informative travel guide provides essential information for tourists and visitors, offering everything they need to know about exploring the city.

Every post was carefully crafted to promote the city and share knowledge about the facts. The unique visual style in each post not only makes the brand instantly recognizable but also helps to reach to wider audience.

Social Media

Nagpur, with its rich history, cultural heritage, and natural beauty, holds immense potential for branding itself as a modern, vibrant city appealing to a broad range of audiences. By embracing a dynamic identity, Nagpur can showcase its unique characteristics and allure to tourists, investors, businesses, and residents alike. This could be achieved through collaboration with Maharashtra Tourism, thus increasing engagement with tourists and visitors worldwide.


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