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Branding of a homemade cake brand
pink logo-16.png

About Brand

Frostello is a homemade cakes brand in Mumbai that provides healthy homemade cakes keeping in mind various health-conscious needs such as gluten-free, sugar-free, etc.  


We aim to provide tasty yet healthy homemade cakes to our audience with an essence of homeliness to it.


To provide all kinds of cakes but in a healthy,
tasty and aordable way. 

Target audience

Our target audience is people of all age groups.  
pink logo-16.png

Final logo

This our final logo, a wordmark. This logo is a handwritten type to depict the homely vibe of the brand.  This logo should only be used on all applications.

Logo meaning

The meaning of the logo is in the logo itself. The word Frost in frostello means frosting that is used for cake decoration. The written style of the logo is flowy and curvy to depict the word frosting.

Logo construction

This is how the logo is constructed. It is necessary to use this logo on every application with the correct construction. This is a handwritten type to depict homely feel.

Logo variation

The logo is on a variety of color combinations. This may be used interchangeably on different backgrounds. Do not recreate your own color.
logo variation-16.png

Primary colours

These are the primary colour used in our logo. Only this colour palette should be used to present the logo or any instances related to the brand.
Color palette-16.png


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