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Inktober is a challenge invented by Jake parker in 2009 to improve inking skills and develop drawing habits.

inktober - fish
Inktober - Fish 
inktober 6 rodent.png
Inktober - Rodent
inktober 7 fancy-01.png
Inktober - Fancy
inktober 4 radio1-01.png
Inktober - Radio
inktober 8 teeth 1.png
Inktober  - Teeth
inktober1 fish dish 1.png
Inktober  - Fish

5 frames comic strip

1st frame.png
2nd frame.png
3rd frame.psd 1.png
4th frame.psd 1.png
5th frame.png



Illustration 2-03.jpg
illustration new sticker 1_sticker 1.jpg



Good morning!

good morning.png

Behrupia - A illustration of series 'Ray'

story 2-01.png

Forget me not -  A illustration of series 'Ray'

story 1.png 02.png

Period Cramps!!!!

Period Cramps!!!
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